Skin Pigmentation

Freckle Reduction Treatment Brisbane

Appearing as freckles, sun spots, liver spots, and other brown spots, skin pigmentation can contribute to an aged appearance even more than fine lines and wrinkles. Many people find themselves spending large amounts of time and money covering up pigmentation with make-up in an effort to even out their skin tone. Nowadays it is possible to permanently treat the appearance of skin pigmentation through a variety of different techniques.

What causes skin pigmentation?

Given our location in the Sunshine State, many cases of skin pigmentation may be attributed to UV rays. However, this is certainly not the only cause; others include hormones, pregnancy, medication, genetics, and even using the wrong skin care for your skin type.

How do you treat skin pigmentation?

The first step in treating your skin pigmentation is to identify the cause of it. In doing this, we will spend time discussing a variety of different factors with you, helping us to get a clear picture of what may be the root cause or, as is often the case, causes. Once this is done, we will then advise you as to the best treatment option for your circumstances, and what you can realistically expect at the completion of the treatment.

Fraxel laser for skin pigmentation

Fraxel is a non-ablative laser treatment which is designed to resurface your skin, removing the damaged layers to reveal the healthier and more radiant layers underneath. In doing so, Fraxel is able to reduce the appearance of skin pigmentation. Find out more about Fraxel laser.

Chemical peels for skin pigmentation

Similar to Fraxel laser, Chemical peels work by removing damaged upper layers of the skin, revealing fresh new skin underneath. TCA and AHA chemical peels can be quite effective in reducing skin pigmentation, particularly if the cause of your pigmentation is hormones. Our friendly and highly skilled team will provide you with expert advice on the best peel for your needs.  Find out more about chemical peels. 

How can I reduce freckles?

Fraxel laser has proven to provide excellent results, reducing the appearance of freckles by up to 80%.

Freckle and skin pigmentation treatment Brisbane

If you would like to request a consultation to find out how we can help you to reduce your skin pigmentation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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