Skin Pigmentation

Pigmentation Treatment & Removal Brisbane

One of Australia’s leading clinics and medispas in the field, the dedicated team at Herstellen can revitalise your complexion and treat problem spots from ageing, environmental damage, and the sun. From acne treatments to microdermabrasion and skin pigmentation removal, visit our team to get started on your health and wellbeing journey today.

Treating and Managing Skin Pigmentation Removal

Derived from the body’s natural levels of melanin, skin pigmentation most often refers to the spots, freckles, and sunmarks acquired overtime from cosmetic and environmental exposure. Often referred to as sun and liver spots, freckles, and moles, increased levels of these marks can develop regardless of age, skin colour or type.

What causes sun spots, freckles, and damage?

There are variety of causes for more severe cases, however, the most common include:

  • Environmental damage (from sun exposure or pollution)
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Genetics
  • Smoking and lifestyle choices

Different from more serious health concerns including benign and malignant conditions, all changes should be looked at by a qualified health professional.

Can pigmentation be treated or removed?

In short, yes! Marks that develop due to environmental damage, lifestyle, hormonal imbalances, genetics, and more can be treated to reduce their visibility and, in some cases, be removed.

From OTC lightening treatments, to facial acids and retinoids, discolouration due to hyperpigmentation can, in most cases, be treated. A qualified professional can assess your complexion and discuss the root causes. From there, they will develop a safe and effective treatment plan for you to stick to.

Preparing For Your Appointment and Optimal Upkeep

If you’re considering undertaking treatments to reverse the signs of aging, sun, and environmental damage, there are several factors that can support your journey both after your appointments and for optimal, ongoing care. Some key considerations to take into account before, during, and after your appointments include:

  • Slow down on the products. Your professional will discuss any requirements to slow down or stop the use of specific products before your appointment. These may include retinols, steroids, or whitening creams.
  • Formulas with AHA/BHA exfoliating ingredients should be stopped several days before each treatment.
  • The areas to be treated should not be waxed, threaded, or treated with IPL closely before or after each appointment.

Your qualified clinician will discuss the ins and outs of how to prepare and create an optimal routine, once a treatment regime has been developed for you.

Once you have invested in your own health and wellbeing, ensuring that you make small lifestyle adjustments to maintain your results is key. Aftercare and ongoing skin maintenance can include:

  • SPF: a broad spectrum SPF should always be applied before, during, and after skin pigmentation removal treatments. Your best bet to minimise further damage, SPF should be worn regardless of the season or time of year.
  • Hats: a hat that offers your face sun protection can help protect fragile facial areas, most especially after receiving chemical treatments. Combined with SPF, limiting sun exposure to your face is one of the surest ways to minimise damage.
  • Hands off: trauma to the area, cystic acne, picking at pimples, and inflammation marks can result in hyperpigmentation. Though tempting, keep your hands away from healing cuts, scraps, or blemishes to minimise the risk of scars.

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