Skin Cancer Checks

Skin Cancer Clinic Brisbane

Concerned about past and ongoing sun exposure? These checks are a proactive approach to stay on top of your health and overall wellbeing. With over 20 years in reconstructive procedures, plastic surgery and non-invasive skincare treatments, the experienced team with Herstellen Clinic can be the first step toward minimising sun damage and reversing the signs of UV exposure.

Interested in a tailored consultation to check any worrying spots you have on your body? Speak with our team about booking in a comfortable and private appointment to kick start your journey today.

Staying on Top of Your Skin:
Melanoma Checks in Brisbane

As recommended by the Cancer Council Australia, regular checks can help you notice and stay on top of any unexpected changes. If you want a professional opinion or notice any differences from your last assessment, be sure to book in with a qualified health professional or dermatologist right away. With early detection, surgery can sometimes be avoided and reduce the risk of serious melanoma.

What to Expect 

If you would prefer to visit a healthcare professional for regular visits, the Herstellen Clinic medical team has extensive experience looking out for these changes and melanoma. For clients who haven’t yet visited a clinic to undergo a skin cancer check, the following simple steps are what you can expect at most routine appointments:

  1. Timeframe: The average assessment usually takes between 20-30 minutes. The actual review and any noticed changes may only take a few minutes, your healthcare professional will also discuss and ask questions about your general health, lifestyle factors, and potential environmental exposures.
  2. SCAN: either from your own self skin check or during your routine, it’s important to point out or closely inspect for SCAN skin. SCAN stands for Sore, Changing, Abnormal, or New moles, spots, and freckles.
  3. Close inspection: the practitioner may use a small dermatoscope (similar to a magnifying glass with a light) to more closely examine specific moles, spots, or freckles. At times, a practitioner may take a close-up photograph of a particular mole to watch for changes in appearance over time.
  4. Further testing: in the rare event your practitioner determines additional testing is required of a concerning spot or spots, a small biopsy may be taken on site and sent away for further examination. Laboratory testing may take several days before you or your doctor receive the results.

How to Prepare for Your Appointment

One of the most commonly asked questions about skin cancer checks is if you will have to undress for the appointment. Most practitioners require patients to leave their undergarments on while removing most or all other articles of clothing. Please speak with your practitioner about any concerns you have before starting the consultation.

It is important to note that areas with infrequent sun exposure – such as under the nails and between fingers and toes – can still show signs of melanoma. Please consider all areas of your body both at-home during self checks and when at a clinic.

This form of cancer can often be easily treated with early detection. Depending on your level of risk for developing melanoma, your doctor may recommend more frequent checks than is standard, however, early detection can be the difference between successful removal of early-stage melanoma and needing more intensive treatment. 

To stay on top of your health and wellbeing, please speak with our friendly team at the Herstellen Clinic to have your appointment scheduled today. With recommended best practices for minimising, or treating, environmental damage, our qualified team can help you get started on a revitalising journey.