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Acne Treatment Brisbane

We appreciate the sensitive and sometimes uncomfortable journey that our clients go through before approaching Herstellen Clinic in Brisbane to address their hormonal acne concerns. With an experienced medispa and skincare team able to provide tailored consultations and treatment plans to help resolve your challenges, we pride ourselves on comfortable, effective services that can help you feel your best.

Interested in learning more about some of the root causes of this skin condition, and how our treatments can help? Check out our summary below detailing some of the common causes, triggers, and treatments for every stage of life.

Triggers and Causes:
How Hormonal Acne Treatments


Though most commonly associated with puberty and teenage hormones, acne can affect adults and adolescents regardless of age, skin type, or gender. Although teenage years see an influx of changing hormones and growth and development, passing through puberty and into adulthood is no guarantee that irritated skin conditions will subside.

Why? Because the underlying factors that can cause or contribute to acne differ from person to person. From menstruation to menopause, underlying contact or food allergies, and skin congestion due to environmental factors, cosmetics, or congesting skincare products, severe pimples are formed when the pores become clogged with debris, make-up, sebum, or bacteria. This can also lead to whiteheads, blackheads, nodules, or cystic acne.

Due to the range of factors that can cause or contribute to the condition, and the varying levels of severity a patient might experience, treatment plans must be tailored to each client to address their aesthetic concerns and, if possible, develop a plan to support the root cause of their breakouts.


Because the root cause is unique to each client, your best plan of attack is to speak with a skin care professional about your underlying health, lifestyle, and current skincare regime. That being said, some of the more commonplace causes of acne, and triggers that may contribute to worsening breakouts, can include:

  • Menstruation, menopause
  • Genetics
  • Oil-based cosmetics, skin care products
  • Contact allergies, food allergies
  • Sweat, humidity
  • Touching the face, touching active spots
  • Certain medications
  • Diet and lifestyle factors

How You Can Help

The first two steps every patient needs to follow to treat active concerns include: stop touching active breakouts (keep your hands away from your face!) and book in with a skin care professional.

Because the factors that contribute to acne can be as simple as removing an irritating product from your skin care regime, or, as underlying as a hormonal imbalance, a professional consultation is needed to determine what might be contributing to your unique concerns.

We also recommend limiting the number of products that you are using to actively fight the breakouts – unless they have been previously recommended by a healthcare or skin care professional. One of the most common habits we see in patients trying to reduce this condition is using multiple products or changing their skincare routine quite frequently. This can contribute to further irritation.

Until you speak with a skin care professional, additional lifestyle changes that may support your overall health and wellbeing, including your skin health, may include:

  • Increase your daily water intake
  • Reduce or limit caffeine, alcohol, or soda (these lead to dehydration)
  • Reduce or limit highly refined carbohydrates (sugar, lollies, fast food)
  • Stay active in some form every day (even a regular walk can help regulate your internal systems)
  • Prioritise sleep

And – keep your hands away from your face!

We Are Brisbaneโ€™s Experts in Medispa Skincare Treatments

With over 20 years experience supporting clients through their skincare journey, our highly trained team can help you find the right solution for your acne. From fighting active breakouts to supporting cystic scar reduction, your treatment plan can evolve along your journey to keep addressing your concerns. From leading science, equipment, and products that can be catered to your unique needs, the Herstellen Clinic team takes pride in offering every client a safe, supportive space where they can put their best face forward.