Welcome to Expert Non-Surgical Cosmetic And Restorative Care

Welcome to Expert Non-Surgical Cosmetic And Restorative Care

Under the stewardship of Dr Justin Perron, the Herstellen Clinic is dedicated to the restoration and rejuvenation of our your body.

Dr Perron is Canadian, born to a medical professional family but trained in Australia to follow in the footsteps of his father who himself was a renowned Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. Having been exposed early in life to the transformative effects of surgical treatments, Dr Perron has known since childhood that he wanted to be a part of the process of helping people to achieve their goals.

Dr Perron moved to Australia in 2000 after having studied chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Calgary in Canada. Since then, he has completed his Australian Fellowship in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and has worked extensively throughout the state of Queensland. During this time, Dr Perron began to foster the idea of creating a sanctuary for men and women to undergo non-surgical treatments that will help them to achieve their aesthetic and reconstructive goals in a comfortable environment. This is the Herstellen Clinic.

What does Herstellen Mean?

“Herstellen” is a Dutch word that translates roughly as restore, repair, recover or recuperate. Dr Perron and our team are passionate about providing you with just that. Our practice is conveniently located in Brisbane and is equipped with the very latest in non-surgical aesthetic medical technology to help Dr Perron and the team give you the best possible standards of care.

Every piece of our medical technology and state-of-the-art equipment is carefully chosen by Dr Perron to give you the best possible results. Built for both luxury and comfort, our practice is meant to make feel right at home while we honour your privacy and confidentiality.

Skin Treatments from The Herstellen Clinic

Ageing is a totally natural process of life. As we get older, so too does our skin begin to lose its elasticity and vigour. There is any number of reasons to seek out our comprehensive range of skincare treatments, maybe you have pigmentation troubles or roughness or are just generally displeased with your appearance?

Whatever your reasons, Dr Justin Perron and the team have tailored skincare treatments to help you achieve your ideal look. We provide high-quality non-surgical cosmetic solutions which include Acne Treatments, Microdermabrasion, Peels, Scar Reduction, Skin Cancer Checks and Skin Pigmentation Treatments.

Medispa Facial Treatment

Our faces are what we present to others on a daily basis and it is generally the first thing that people notice about us. Our faces leave impressions on those we meet and with our range of medispa face treatments we can help to stem the signs of ageing and wear that occur on our skin.

A harsh climate, like that of Brisbane for long periods of the year, can accelerate the ageing process and using targeted treatments we can effectively keep its effects at bay. We gain immense satisfaction from seeing our patients achieve their desired results and restore their beautiful youthful glow.

Medispa Body Treatments

We only get one body and maintaining it to our own personal standards is just one of many facets of good health. Sure, some of us have a genetic advantage and it may be that little bit easier to keep in line with your ideal aesthetic, the rest of us sometimes have to deal with a predisposition for extra weight, scarring, pigmentation issues and unwanted hair. We are all uniquely beautiful, but some issues can cause us immense frustration and anxiety.

This is why we have assembled our range of non-surgical treatments and products, to find the best solution to your needs and to exceed your expectations where we are able. To find out more about our non-surgical body treatments or to make an appointment with us, please click here.

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